10 Steps To Writing Copy That Pulls Your Ideal Clients Into Your Funnel

Written by Sam Hutchinson on Aug. 12th 2020

In this article I am going to walk you through the 10 most important things that you need to include in any copy that you write to attract your ideal clients, whether that be a Linkedin post, a Facebook Ad or even an email to your subscribers.

What I'm going to share with you is based on over 10 years of experience writing sales and marketing copy for my own businesses as well as hundreds of my clients spanning many different niches including Health, Education, Business, Fitness, Relationships, and many other B2B and B2C industries.

When it comes to writing compelling sales and marketing copy it's important to understand that you DO NOT need to be a hot shot copy writer and have decades of experience. 
Even if you don't consider yourself a competent writer, you can write very effective copy as long as you stick to a rigid framework and you put your own individual flavour into your writing.

In fact you will find that when you stick to the framework I'm about to share with you, you will come up with much better copy by doing it yourself rather than paying an expensive copy writer to do the work for you.

So here are the 10 most important things you MUST include in your copy if you want to attract the right people to you and then get them to take an action, whether that be to click a link, book a call or even buy a product or service from you.
1 . Start with a strong statement that grabs people's attention

This is absolutely crucial and will determine whether your copy gets the desired result or it doesn't. Just think about your behaviour when you scroll through the newsfeed, if the first sentence or two of a post or an Advert doesn't say something that instantly grabs your attention you keep on scrolling don't you?
Here are a couple of examples that work well:

"Everyone thinks X is true, but..."

"33% of people X..."

By using truths and lies you will always grab people's attention because everyone knows that there are myths and 
mis-conceptions in their niche and life, and everyone is looking to get closer to the truth, so if you can help them do that you will grab their attention every time. 

Using statistics and numbers also works well because it helps people to see what is real and what isn't, so it builds trust.

2. Call out who it's for

This might sound obvious but if you are writing a post on Linkedin or an advert on Facebook you really need to call out who the post or ad is for in the first 1-2 sentences otherwise people are very likely to overlook it. Again just think about your own response to ads and posts that you see, if you see someone mention 'business owner' or 'coach' you are a lot more likely to stop and read more.

But you have to be careful not to sound too obvious or specific, for example never say "Attention all Moms 20-35 with a large disposable income" that would obviously have the opposite effect especially on Facebook. But it is very important to mention who the post/Ad is for in the first couple of sentences so that you attract the right people to you.

3. Talk about the problem in detail. 

How do they experience this problem in real life

Once you have got people's attention it is now time to talk about the problem that they have that YOU can solve. One thing to always remember is 'it's all about them'. 

Talk about the problem they are experiencing which could be being over weight, not earning enough money, going through a messy divorce etc. You want to talk about whatever problem or pain you help people solve and go deep! 
talk about how that particular problem is effecting their life and causing them to be unhappy. 

This might sound harsh but people only take action when you trigger an emotional response, whether that be positive or negative.

4. What makes it worse?

What are they sick and tired of? What have they battled with over and over again? and how is that effecting their every day life. 

The more you can put a spotlight on the pain or problem the more they will be compelled to keep reading and find a solution to the problem, which you can provide, hopefully!

5. Why can't they fix this?

What’s holding them back from finding a solution to their problem? The reason you can’t fix this issue is down to X. 

By empathising and sympathising with them you will become more relatable and they will start to warm to you and want to read more. It's ok to be vulnerable and talk about how you used to suffer with the same problem until you found the solution you're about to share.

6. Tell them it doesn’t need to be this way

At this stage you want to explain why it doesn't need to be this way and make them see that there is an answer to their problem. 

In the last part of the copy you were highlighting the pain/problem and triggering an emotional response, now we are giving them a sense of relief by letting them know that there is a way to fix their problem, which will compel them to keep reading.

Always remember that the purpose of each sentence is to get them to read the next sentence until they get to your call to action (CTA)

7. Paint the picture of what life could look like if they were to solve the problem

Now that you have brought the pain and problem to the surface and you have put their mind at ease by letting them know it doesn't need to be that way, you can now start to paint a picture of how things could be for them if they were to get a solution to their pain/problem.

People take action and buy coaching/consulting services based on emotional responses, that's why stories are so powerful.

When people start to envisage their life without that problem it will fill them with excitement and create a desire to get their problem solved ASAP and that will be to work with you or buy your online program.

8. Tell them you have a solution 

By this stage in your post, Ad or email people will have been through a roller coaster of emotions and feel like they know you. 

You will have built trust and aligned yourself as an expert so now is the time to introduce your solution. This doesn't need to be done in a cheesy sales'y way. 

Just explain that after suffering with this problem yourself, or working with a lot of people with X problem, you decided to create a program/course to help people solve that problem. 

It's important not to talk about features of your program at this stage and talk about your solution in a fairly vague way. If you start talking about every detail of your program you will trigger their feature 'brain', which is where people latch onto one specific feature and talk themselves out of the solution before they properly understand it.

So make sure you give people a 30,000 foot view and don't talk about the details.

9. Move them into imagining what that solution could do for their life

Now that you have given them an overview of your solution you can now start helping them to imagine how your solution could change their life and what that might look like for them. 

Painting pictures is a very powerful way to get people to take action and make the decision to click a link and book a call with you, or consume some more of your content etc.

10. Call To Action (CTA)

Now that you have explained your solution and painted the picture of how their life could look if they worked with you, it's time to get them to take an action.

This is THE most important part of the whole process because if people don't take your desired action, you are not moving them nearer to becoming a client which means you can't help anyone!

A CTA could be to click a link to your online calendar so they can schedule a call. It could be to a link to a check out page to buy a product or service, or it could be to join a Facebook or Linkedin group. 

The most important thing is to add a CTA otherwise all your efforts will come to nothing. Some of your posts on Facebook & Linkedin may just be to add value or to get a conversation going, but I would recommend that you add a CTA to 70% of your content.

So that is my 10 step framework for writing compelling sales and marketing copy and if you stick to this format in most of your posts and Ads you will see much better results and will attract far more of your PERFECT clients, so everyone's a winner!

I totally get that copy writing and other aspects of marketing can be overwhelming and confusing at times, and after working with hundreds of coaches and other business owners over the last few 10 years...

I've realised that one of the main reasons people don't get the results they want, is because they don't have clarity on the things that will actually make a difference and move them nearer to achieving their goals.

So that's why I recently ran a free training session to share the exact strategy my clients use to attract & on-board their ideal clients, without all the hype & gimmicks.

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Sam Hutchinson

Sam is an entrepreneur from the UK who limped away from his successful media career in 2012 due to severe back problems. Since then he's built several of his own successful coaching businesses from scratch.

Sam is a sales & marketing consultant who helps coaches & experts to package their knowledge into a profitable online education business, by keeping things super simple and focusing on common sense marketing.

He has worked with coaches & experts in most niches, from complete newbies to 7 figure earners