Only 3% Of Your Followers & Subscribers Are Ready To Buy From You...

Written by Sam Hutchinson on Aug. 28th 2020

In this article I want to talk about a really important number in your business which I’m hoping will motivate  you rather than make you feel deflated!

This is based on research of my own data from that last 5 years as well as speaking to a lot of coaches and other business owners over the last 7 years.

I want to kick things off by saying that I think a lot of business owners are unrealistic about their sales numbers and they fall into a perpetual cycle of ups and downs when it comes to making sales and bringing new clients into their business.

The truth is the vast majority of people that you speak to on social media or even on a phone call are not ready to buy from you. As you probably know there are different stages of the buying cycle whether you are selling a car or a coaching program .
It typically looks like this:

* Considering Options
* Commitment to the Solution
* Decision Time
* Final Selection

So it’s only when people get to the ‘Final Decision’ stage that they will be prepared to actually make the move and get their wallet out. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you are very clear on your perfect customer avatar, because if you don’t fully understand what’s happening in your prospects head every day with regard to the problem you solve, all of your messaging and communication will be overlooked and you will be attracting people that are maybe just in the consideration stage.

The same applies to your email list, let’s say you have 1,000 people on your list and they are all your ideal prospects, around 30 of those people (3%) will be in the final decision stage at any one time. 
So this just highlights why it’s vitally important to be building an email list and more importantly be communicating with those people regularly with huge amounts of value. Because the more your people like and trust you the more likely they will be to book a call with you and become a client out of the blue.

All of this is worth bearing in mind when you’re having a bad day or you feel like know one wants to work with you or buy your services. We all have days like that no matter how much success we’ve had in the past. 

Just remember that it won’t always be the right time for everyone to buy your services, they may just need a bit more convincing that you are the right person to help them, because let’s face it, there are hundreds of coaches in every niche so people have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing who they hand their money over to.

So you may be wondering what you should be doing to ensure that you maximise your opportunities and on-board new clients consistently.

Well this really boils down to having the ability to attract the right people to you and then have a way of bringing them into your world or your Eco-System as I like to call it.

There has been a lot of research done on how many touch points it takes for the average person to make a buying decision, and as a rule of thumb it is around 7 times.

So to put that into perspective, if you were to run a video Ad on Facebook targeting your ideal clients and they registered for some free training, even if they got huge value from the training and they resonated with what you were saying, only a small percentage of those people would book a call and become a client within 24-48 hours. 

That’s not to say that they won’t become a client in the future but if you don’t have the ability to bring them into your Eco-System and keep in touch they will be gone forever.

The vast majority of people that come across your content will need to see and hear from you several times before they make the decision to work with you, as I said before.

So with that it mind it is really important to have a way of bringing your ideal prospects into your Eco system so that you can stay in touch and build a relationship with them. It’s exactly the same as asking someone to marry you. 

If you asked someone to marry you on the first date they would laugh and walk away! And it’s exactly the same when it comes to on-boarding new clients, you have to woo them first!

So what is an Eco-System?

A good example of a business that uses an Eco-System very well is Apple, they are absolutely amazing at bringing people into the Apple world and building huge trust and credibility with their products, so over time people don’t just buy an iPhone, they buy an iMac an iPad and use iTunes etc

So as a coach or any type of business owner you also need a system for finding you ideal prospects and bringing the into your Eco-System, which would be your social media communities and your email list so that you can share valuable videos, blog content, podcasts etc. 

This will mean you are able to stay in the forefront of your prospects minds and share huge amounts of value up front.

I have tried everything over the last 7 years and I can honestly say that it’s the marketing fundamentals that work the best, you don’t need the latest gimmick or system you just need to have conversations, build trust, share value and put your clients first. 

When you do that everything changes and finding your ideal clients becomes much easier.

This is what I do in my own business and it’s what I help all of my clients to implement into their businesses.

But you may be thinking this sounds longwinded and complicated and you will need to be a tech wizard to make it happen, but that isn’t the case when you get some help, so that is why I recently recorded a short training workshop to show you exactly how The Coach Eco-System works. I walk through everything step by step and show you how you can do this organically (with no ad spend) and also using paid Ads.

I think you will get huge value from this training as it’s not your usual sales pitch disguised as training, it’s 20 minutes of pure value and its about you not me!

I hope you get value for it and I would love to get your feedback after you have been through it, so make sure you come and join me on Linkedin and Facebook so we can carry on the conversation over there!

Speak soon


Sam Hutchinson

Sam is an entrepreneur from the UK who limped away from his successful media career in 2012 due to severe back problems. Since then he's built several of his own successful coaching businesses from scratch.

Sam is a sales & marketing consultant who helps coaches & experts to package their knowledge into a profitable online education business, by keeping things super simple and focusing on common sense marketing.

He has worked with coaches & experts in most niches, from complete newbies to 7 figure earners