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If you are thinking of launching an online course you might be worried that the market is already too saturated?

We have worked with hundreds of coaches & educators over the last 4 years and the vast majority of them were only offering their services One to One.

Some were also speaking on stage and hosting a Podcast, but essentially they were all exchanging their TIME for money.

So the question is...  how do you carry on getting transformational results for your clients, but still have the ability to work with hundreds if not thousands of clients every year, so you can earn what you're truly worth?

The obvious solution is to launch an online course, right?, well kind of!

The online course market IS booming but there are some fundamental problems and the truth is, the vast majority of courses out there are sat on websites gathering dust

Even when people do buy a course, 80% of them don't get past module one because they don't have any personalized support, so they just sit on their hard drive gathering dust!

And to be brutally honest if success was as easy as throwing everything you do into an online course and building a quick funnel, literally every coach would be a millionaire by now, but they're not!

So what is the answer?

Well the answer is to launch what we call a ‘Hybrid Course’

A hybrid course will enable you to derestrict yourself from working with clients One to One and selling time by bringing together the best parts of a traditional ‘Online Course’ and the ‘Online Group Coaching’ model.

Which means you can give your clients even more value and support than a One to One program, and have the ability to work with an infinite amount of people...

And the great thing is you can charge the same if not more than you do for your One to One services (We recommend $2k-$5k)

This equation = scalability

Because you still get to serve your clients to a very high level and get them amazing results, but you can also sky rocket your income potential, and I’m talking 5-6 figures per month.

So if you are fed up of not being paid what your know you are worth, and you want to impact far more people and have more free time in your life...

You should seriously look into launching a Hybrid Course

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